Classroom Instructions For HoverCam 8+

Used with Podium or Cart Computers







Below are steps to connect the in-room classroom technology to virtual participants using the classroom computer and HoverCam8+ system. The HoverCam8+ has an integrated web camera and microphone to share speech audio and video from the classroom with virtual participants. 

Starting Your Class Session 

  1. Select Computer or Laptop from the Touch Panel or KeyPad to use the classroom computer.

    • The touch panel or keypad is located at the instructor's lectern or front wall.

  2. Login to the classroom computer using your UserID and password.

  3. Open a web conferencing application. Zoom, Webex, and Blackboard Collaborate are installed on the computer. 

    • Instructors must use the classroom computer to connect the HoverCam8+ System and speakers to web conferencing or lecture capture applications. 

  4. Initiate a video call from the web conferencing application of your choice.

    • Test the audio and video default settings with one of the following options:

      • Speaker: Extron HDMI

      • Microphone: HoverCam8+

      • Camera: HoverCam8+

    • Select Join with Computer Audio

You are now ready to start your session with in-person and virtual students. 

Optional: Classroom Management Features

Adust Classroom Camera View

Use the button controls and adjust the HoverCam8+ to your desired camera view.

HoverCam button controls

  • Autofocus (AF): Automatically sharpen an image from the camera

  • Autofocus Lock (AFL): Automatically sustains a sharp image on one focus point

  • Zoom In: Adjust the camera to show a closer view of an image

  • Zoom out: Adjust the camera to show a wider view of an image

  • Press to rotate 180 degrees: Flips an image 180 degrees

The camera head can flip up and down on the A-axis and can rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise or 270 degrees clockwise on the B-axis. 

Hovercam System image

Share Computer content with remote and in-person audience

Content such as PowerPoint presentations is shared with your remote audience through the web conferencing application. Refer to the web application screen sharing options. The in-person audience will see the images displayed on the projector screen or display monitor.

Audio Management Tip

For quick audio management, the host may select mute all within the web conferencing application. Alternatively, instructors should ask all remote students to mute themselves at the beginning of class and remind all students in the room that they are all being captured via in-room mics. Participants should only unmute when they are speaking.