Equipment Loans and Rentals


Academic Technologies provides technology equipment loans for university courses and equipment rentals for events in AT-supported locations on the Foggy Bottom and Virginia Science and Technology campuses. Review the equipment loan procedures for courses and events on the Mount Vernon Campus.

Foggy Bottom Campus Equipment

Instructors may borrow equipment for a GW course at no cost. For non-GW course events, event coordinators should submit a rental request 48 hours in advance. Please review the list of equipment provided in your AT-supported classroom or lab. If your classroom is not equipped with the technology you need, review the equipment guide for your options available for check out.

Borrowing equipment for a GW course

For GW courses in AT-supported locations on the Foggy Bottom Campus, instructors should:

  1. Make a reservation with WebCheckout. Review the quick guide on creating WebCheckout reservations.

  2. Pick up your reserved equipment at the Gelman Library Check Out Desk, located on the entrance floor.

Reservations must be scheduled at least one business day in advance.

Note: All display adapters are available on-demand from the Gelman Library Check Out Desk, located on the entrance floor. No reservation is required.

Renting equipment for an event

For non-GW course events on the Foggy Bottom Campus, event coordinators should:

  1. Obtain a classroom reservation confirmation number from the Office of the Registrar.

  2. Submit an Equipment Rental Form (Non-GW Course).

  3. Contact Academic Technologies’ Solutions Center for information regarding your equipment pick-up.

Prices and other applicable fees are listed on the form. Please note that we need at least 24 hours for changes made to equipment reservations.

Instructional Technology Equipment Loans

In addition, the Instructional Technology Lab (ITL) loans equipment to GW faculty and teaching assistants in support of course-related activities on a short-term basis. Equipment available includes:

  • Digital audio recorder

  • Digital still camera

  • Digital video camera

  • TurningPoint Audience Response System clickers

You may retain equipment for up to three business days. Equipment will not be loaned to students for course-related projects.


Mount Vernon Campus Equipment

Audiovisual and classroom equipment is available for instructors to check out through the MVC Faculty and Instructional Support Center located in the Academic Building, Room 214, which can be reached by phone at 202-242-6670.

Virginia Science and Technology Campus Equipment

You can reserve classrooms on VSTC through Academic Scheduling.

To make an equipment reservation:

  1. Log in to the scheduling system with your GW NetID and password.

  2. Hover over Reservations in the menu and click VSTC Equipment Checkout.

  3. Select the date and time you need the equipment and click Get Services.

  4. Complete the form and click Submit.

  5. Pick up your reserved equipment from the Academic Technologies suite at:

Innovation Hall

45085 University Drive

Suite 306

Ashburn, VA 20170

Equipment should be requested at least 24 hours in advance.
Please note that GW faculty and staff can access the system. Students and external groups must coordinate with their programs or GW sponsors to checkout equipment.

Equipment Guide

Audience Response System (TurningPoint Clickers)

TurningPoint ClickerA system created by TurningPoint Technologies that allows students to reply to interactive questions during class using a hand-held keypad response unit. The system collects student responses in real time and allows instructors to easily create detailed reports for analysis.


Document Camera

Document CameraA real-time image capture device for displaying a document or object through a projector or display monitor.  The document camera allows a class to view note-taking or calculating while in progress.


DVD Player (Region-Free)

DVD PlayerA DVD player that is not specific to any one region.  This is necessary to play a DVD manufactured or purchased in a foreign country. The player can be connected to a projector or display monitor.


HDMI Cable

HDMI CableA High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable transfers video and audio from a HDMI-compliant device to a compatible computer monitor, video projector, or digital television. This cable is needed to view media in 1080p format, to use a Blu-Ray player, to access High Definition cable through a set-top box, or to use a DVD player that converts content.


HDMI to VGA Adapter

HDMI CableAn adapter that connects devices with HDMI output ports to a projector display monitor through a VGA cable.


iPad Adapter

iPad adapterAn adapter that connects an iPad to a projector display monitor through a VGA cable.


Laptop Computer and Kit

Laptop KitThe laptop computer and kit includes the following items: a laptop carrying case, laptop computer, power cable, bluetooth mouse, and wireless presenter.


LCD Projector and Kit

LCD Projector and Kit

The LCD projector and kit includes the following items: carrying case, LCD projector, VGA cable, power cable, HDMI cable, Mini-display to HDMI video adapter, HDMI to DVI video adapter, LCD projector remote control, and extension cord.


Mac Adapter

MAC adapter

An adapter that connects a MacBook computer to a projector display monitor through a VGA cable.


Microphone with Stand

Microphone with Stand

A sound amplification system typically used in large lecture halls to amplify speech. There are many types of microphones including wired, wireless handheld, and wireless lavaliere (clip-on) microphones.


Portable Speaker System

Portable Speaker System

A speaker system used to project audio from a computer, laptop, iPad or iPod, or other similar module. Two differently powered speaker systems are available: USB (powered by a computer) or AC (powered through an electrical wall outlet).




A three-legged stand that holds a video camera or a regular handheld camera during use. Using a tripod provides greater stability during camera operation.


VGA (Video Graphics Array) Cable

VGA (Video Graphics Array) Cable

A 15-pin cable used to connect a personal computer  (non Mac) to a projector or display monitor. This allows instructors to display images, presentations, and other content on a larger screen for student viewing.


Video Camera

Video Camera

A small handheld camera used to record videos or to take still photos that can be played back or displayed on a projector or display monitor.  The camera can also be mounted on a tripod for stability during recording sessions.


Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse

A cordless hand-operated electronic device that controls the cursor on a computer and is powered by Bluetooth technology.


Wireless Presenter

Wireless Presenter

A device used during presentations to advance slides. The wireless presenter also contains a red laser pointer used to point out details on presentation slides.



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