Nursing Skills and Simulation Lab

Nursing Skills and Simulation Lab
The Nursing Simulation Lab is an experiential learning space designed to provide nursing students with real-world healthcare experience. Academic Technologies designed the 3,300-square-foot lab in collaboration with nursing faculty to develop an active learning space that integrated technology with instructional needs. By learning in a realistic hospital environment, students graduate as clinically competent leaders in the nursing field. 

Key Features:

  • The lab includes a model ER suite with eight hospital beds, two private exam rooms, a studio apartment, and areas for birthing, pediatric, and geriatric simulations.
  • Nursing instructors operate the recording technology and bedside equipment from two control rooms with easy-to-use touch panel interfaces.
  • Strategically embedded cameras and microphones capture student interactions with the simulated patients, leading to more robust evaluative practices, which concretely identify areas of improvement.
  • Nursing instructors operate sophisticated mannequin patients from a control room to engage and assess students.
  • Live streaming increases access to the lab, as students watch their peers and participate from a distance.
  • The system is capable of closed-circuit broadcast to a 100-seat lecture hall and a 50 seat classroom.