Classroom Technology Training


GW IT understands the importance of utilizing technology effectively in the classroom to enrich the teaching and learning experience. We provide on-site classroom technology group training or one-on-one sessions for instructors who would like assistance with their technology needs.  

Training sessions include: 

  • How to utilize the hardware in the classroom, including projector/display monitor, camera, microphone, classroom computer, laptop connection.
  • How to access applications from the classroom computer such as PowerPoint and web conferencing.
  • How to request assistance during a class session.

If you want to learn more about what will be in your specific classrooms,  please visit our Classroom Search.

Schedule One on One Training  

Please be patient as we experience a high volume of tickets related to the start of the semester. Requests received before July 19, 2023, will be scheduled before classes start. Requests after that date will be scheduled as time permits.