VCL for Windows

What is VCL?

Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) allows you to use special Windows-Based Software from home or any location with a high-speed internet connection

  • VCL provides access to these environments through the VMWare Horizon Client and with an active internet connection
  • VCL allows all students to access university-licensed computer applications via the internet.
  • It is not necessary to be on campus to use the VCL

Installation Instructions

Follow these instructions to install the VCL service on your personal machine

Step One: Downloading the VMWare Horizon Client

  1. To download VMware Horizon Client visit the following link:

Screeen shot of VMWare Horizon client download page

Figure 1

2. Select the latest version of the VMWare Client for your computer’s operating system (ex. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)


Step Two: : Connecting to GW VPN. This step is necessary for off-campus users only


  1. To download GW VPN visit the following link:
  2. Select the proper VPN software for your computer’s operating system
  3. After the download is complete, type “” and click connect


screen shot of Cisco AnyConnect VPN connection page

Figure 2

4. After clicking Connect, you will be prompted to enter your username (NetID) and password

screen shot of Cisco AnyConnect NetID and password login

Figure 3

Step Three: Connecting to VCL through VMware Horizon Client

  1. Launch VMware Horizon Client application
  2. Click on the section that says ‘New Server’

    screen shot of VMWare Horizon Client new server connection window

    Figure 4

  3. Type the server name “” and click connect

    Windows 8 VMware Horizon Client Window Screenshot

    Figure 5

A window will launch prompting you to enter your User name and password. Enter your GW NetID and password and select Login. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you will see available virtual desktops based on your class enrollment

VMWare Horizon Client Login Window

Figure 6

Common issues and FAQs for the VCL service:

  • I’m receiving a “not entitled to use the system error”

    • Academic Technologies currently provides VCL system access only to courses within the Milken School of Public Health

    • If you are a student or faculty member in another school/department, we recommend that you reach out to your local IT support partner (ex. CCAS OTS, GWSB OITS, etc.) to inquire on the availability of a virtual computing service for your course needs

  • I had access to the VCL in a previous semester, but am no longer able to connect

    • Access to the VCL system is granted to courses on a same-semester basis. Users must be enrolled in an active course that has been granted access to the VCL in order to use the service

  • I can connect while on-campus, but can’t connect when I am off-campus

    • When connecting off campus, make sure you are connected to a GW VPN (see page 3)

    • When connecting on campus make sure the patron is using a GW network (“GWireless” or “Eduroam”)

  • My VCL is “flickering” when I log in

    • Update your VMware Horizon to the latest version

      • Click on “Help” option to select from the menu.

VMWare Horizon Client Help Menu

Figure 7

  • From the “Help” menu select Software Updates

VMWare Horizon Client software updates

Figure 8

  • I don’t see my USB storage device in VCL

    • Open VMware Horizon and click on Connect USB Device

VMWare Horizon Client Connect USB Device image

Figure 9

  • From the dropdown menu, add the following two options

    • Automatically Connect at Startup

    • Automatically Connect when Inserted

both options to select before connecting your USB

Figure 10

VCL Horizon Client with both options selected

Figure 11