Wet Labs | Discovery Hall

Wet Labs | Discovery Hall

Academic Technologies designed and installed integrated audio-visual technology equipment in three wet labs for the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. These wet labs are equipped with traditional laboratory equipment, as well as new interactive technologies that promote active learning pedagogy.

Located at the Virginia Science and Technology Campus, the Discovery Hall second floor expands available learning space with 7,000 square feet of laboratory and support space. One of the labs is used for chemistry, while two labs are equipped for biology. Each lab accommodates 24 students.

Key Features:

  • Specialized laboratory equipment provides a mixed-use lab-lecture space that encourages active learning pedagogies.
  • Wet labs are equipped with a 5500-lumen digital projector and a retractable projection screen for optimized student viewing.
  • An intuitive digital control panel provides integrated operation of classroom technology, including Web Conferencing through the classroom computer.
  • Two of the wet labs feature cameras that allow the labs to be used for live-streaming or recording for GW Lecture Capture.
  • Microphones in the room ensure all participants can fully interact in web conferencing sessions with a remote site.

For more details about equipment and software available in specific Discovery Hall classrooms, please visit the classroom search page.