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Academic Technologies (AT) identifies, develops, implements, and supports a variety of innovative technology for the enrichment of the academic experience at GW. Through specialized services, such as Learning Space DesignLecture Capture, and classroom technology support, AT strives to advance GW's enterprise goals for the university community.


GW Libraries and Academic Innovation

Faculty and students in Kogan Plaza

Academic Technologies is a division of Libraries and Academic Innovation

Libraries and Academic Innovation furthers academic excellence at GW by deepening collaboration between previously separate areas. This is an excellent opportunity to seamlessly meet the instructional needs of our faculty and enhance the learning environment for our 25,000 students.






The Digital Transition Initiative implements new digital standards by updating classrooms at GW with the latest technology.

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  • Phil Wirtz
  • Timothy Fort
  • Cynthia Dowd
  • Hugh Agnew

GW Lecture Capture Service saves me an incredible amount of time. Now I have time to elaborate on my topics because I’m not spending time clarifying the basics. Academic Technologies has really done a nice job of getting ahead of me. I’m looking forward to Academic Technologies telling me about new technologies, and I’ll try them out and see how it works.

Phil Wirtz, PhD, Professor of Decision Sciences and of Psychology, GWSB

Over the past eight years, I have had the pleasure of working with the Instructional Technology Lab and am exceptionally pleased with their work. I use many videos in my class and Yordanos Baharu makes sure my videos get moved from class to class so my students can access them. Their responsiveness has been virtually instantaneous. They were great to work with, effective and efficient, and provided private tutorials to get me up to speed so I could teach the class well. The Instructional Technology Lab ranks as the very best support I have received at GW and elsewhere.

Timothy Fort, PhD, JD, Former Lindner-Gambal Professor of Business Ethics and Exec. Director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility

I have received very positive feedback from my students for incorporating new classroom video capture technology into my courses. I would say about two-thirds of the class say that they use the video capture service.

Cynthia Dowd, PhD, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, CCAS

My teaching style has changed. As I went from chalk on slate to marker on white board to projected presentations, the idea of using new classroom technologies to capture my lecture was very attractive.

Hugh Agnew, PhD, Professor of History and International Affairs, ESIA