• Learning that Extends Beyond the Classroom
    Web and Video Conferencing

    Learning that Extends Beyond the Classroom

    Academic Technologies provides web and video conferencing services to enable instructors to teach from anywhere and invite guest lecturers into the classroom from around the corner or around the world.

Web Conferencing

Our web conferencing locations streamline the process of establishing a call for you. Cameras installed in the rooms provide views of both the instructor and students to the remote audience. It is easy to bring in a guest lecturer who lives in another state or country, connect the classroom to students in different countries to establish cross-cultural dialogue, or hold class when you’re out of the area.

How to Use Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is used to connect with a remote audience using a third-party application, such as WebEx. Web conferencing tools require only an Internet connection and that both participants use the same application (e.g., WebEx, Skype, Blackboard Collaborate), so check to see which application your remote audience is using.

Instructors at GW have access to these popular web conferencing applications:


Web Conferencing Locations

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing systems at GW enable instructors to connect their classrooms to lecturers from around the world. In designing these spaces, Academic Technologies considers lighting, sightlines, and acoustics. Designing video conferencing facilities in this way allows for seamless collaboration between meeting or class participants, as if they were in the same room.

How to Use Video Conferencing

Video conferencing systems require that all participants have a video conferencing system that uses an IP address to establish a call, such as Cisco Telepresence. If the remote site does not have such capability, web conferencing may be the better option, as you can connect over WebEx, Skype, or any other consumer web conferencing tool.

Video Conferencing Locations


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