Lecture Capture

GW Lecture Capture Graphic


Record and Deliver Lectures and Course Videos to Your Students in two ways:


Lecture Capture ClassroomsLecture capture classrooms:

  • Determine if your course has been scheduled in a Lecture Capture classroom.
  • Enroll your lectures to be automatically recorded and published to your students.
  • All lecture capture classrooms can record instructor audio and presentation materials.
  • Select classrooms are also equipped with a camera to record video, along with the audio and presentation materials.


Personal CaptureRecord your own lecture:

  • Universal Capture: Personal allow you to upload lectures recorded from your personal computer or pre-recorded videos.
  • Visit the Universal Capture: Personal - Get Started guide for more information on using the personal capture software.


Enhanced Features

  • Student Usage Metrics - allow you to view and download analytics of student viewing, including how many videos they watched, how much of the video they watched, and how often they watched it.

  • Content Bookmarking – allows your students to place bookmarks throughout presentations, allowing them to pick up where they stopped in a lecture or to return to interesting or difficult sections.

  • Collaborative discussions – you and your students can start a collaborative discussion at any point in the lecture by making comments that are embedded within the captured lecture, allowing them to interact with one another.

  • Full streaming + downloads – your students can stream the lecture capture videos in their browser, as well as download the videos for later viewing without Internet access.

  • Personal Capture – allows you to record audio, webcam video, and computer movements and activities and then upload your recordings from your personal computer to your course collection.

Enroll your course in Lecture Capture

Follow the steps below to enroll your lectures to be automatically recorded and published to your students.

  1. Log into Blackboard and click on your current-semester course.

  2. Under the Control Panel, click Course Tools and then More Tools (GW).

  3. On the More Tools page, click Enroll in GW Lecture Capture.

  4. Select the course building and room from the drop-down menu.

  5. Select the desired date range (i.e, one week, one month, entire semester).

  6. Click the check boxes for the days of the week the course meets.

  7. Select the class start and end times.

  8. Click Submit. The Academic Technologies Solutions Center will be notified of your request.


How to access Lecture Capture in Blackboard

  1. A link to the Lecture Capture system will be available in your Blackboard course automatically.

  2. To access Lecture Capture within your Blackboard course, click on "Tools" in the Course Menu (on the left side of the screen), then click "GW Lecture Capture."

  3. Clicking the "GW Lecture Capture" link in your Blackboard Tools menu will take you directly to the list of recordings for your course.



GW IT provides technical support for classrooms. For all the ways to contact GW IT and a listing of our buisness hours, visit our support pageIf you are experiencing issues with classroom technology while class is in session, call 202-994-7900 for support.