Classroom and Lab Software

Classroom and Lab Software

Academic Technologies maintains a robust list of software applications for each of our classrooms and labs, including Microsoft Office Professional, Adobe Acrobat Professional, and research software such as SPSS and SAS.

Beyond the software we provide, course instructors may request additional software to be installed in classrooms and computer labs by placing a Software Installation Request. After receiving your software installation request, our Solutions Center support staff will be in contact with you to consult on the installation requirements and verify that your requested software is compatible with our computing environment.

Software Installation Request Guidelines

To place a request for additional software to be installed on an AT-supported computer, the following criteria must be met:

  • The requestor must be a course instructor or academic department.
  • Requestors must provide the software media and proof of licensing to Academic Technologies.
  • AT will verify requested software compatibility prior to installation approval.
  • Software Request Deadlines:

- Fall: July 8th
- Spring: November 1st
- Summer: February 1st


Please note:
Academic Technologies will not install unlicensed software. It is the requestor's responsibility to provide adequate licensing.
Any requests submitted after the deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Additional information may be required for consideration.